It is here that you may join WaveClan... and the staff will decide if you are allowed in or not... But before you may join the clan, take a look at our rules.


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IMPORTANT NOTICE: All whose cats have been approved are requested to contact Shock and tell the same for him to put up a tag.

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Taken by User:Wavesplash

Name: Silverflight

Rank: Warrior

Apperance: Silvery-grey she-cat with bright green eyes.

History: Normal, born & raised in WaveClan. Sister died as a kit from greencough.

Family: Dawnkit (sister) (dead)

Extras: None

Accepted. Skype me if you need any other information on WaveClan. In addition, I need to help you out with Wiki markup. The power of the Power Suit resides within. 04:37, March 5, 2016 (UTC)

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