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    Hallo, hallo, Waveclan!

    December 17, 2013 by BCEngine

    Cut me some slack. I'm all out of good title names. .3.

    Anyways, I've noticed that some of the cat pages don't have too many Life-Images. I'm a terrible computer artist, but I can try in some meraculous way to draw selfies of the cats...

    But they'res too many to do alone.

    SO! I need all of you beautiful drawers out there to draw Life-Images of the cats out there in Waveclan.

    Short and pathetic, I know, but I'm trying to hide my computer-using from my parents. >;)

    Post some of your pics here, you can show off your skills! :D

    That's all.

    Marshmallows are epic,


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