Welcome to WaveClan!

You're tired of walking along the oak woods, so you settle on a warm rock near the Great Lakes.

Suddenly, you hear a SPLASH!. You snap your head toward the sound. You see a silvery-grey she-cat with bright blue eyes. She bounds out of the water, a fish hanging limp in her jaws. She puts the fish on another rock, turns to you, and meows, "Hello! I'm Wavestar, the leader of WaveClan."

"Um... Hello," You mew back. "What's WaveClan?"

She picks the dead fish up. "Follow me," She says kindly, her voice muffled due to her prey.

You follow her through bushes and ferns until you arrive at a cleaing, with supple grass and dens with cats going in and out. You gasp in wonder.

Welcome to WaveClan, our community!"

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